Monday, February 5, 2007

MaraDNS snapshots released

I am slowly but surely getting closer and closer to having BIND zone file support. In the current 1.3 snapshot, I have made it possible to have freeform line breaks in WKS and LOC records if the ~ is used to separate records.

I have also update the documentation, and have a couple of minor bug fixes.

  • There was a minor problem with LOC processing that affects both the 1.2 and 1.3 releases of MaraDNS. The 1.3 snap fixes this release, and I have also made a 1.2 snap that backports the fix to 1.2. I plan on releasing a new 1.2 release in two weeks (this is a very minor bug)
  • MaraDNS 1.3.02 did not compile with GCC 2.96. Fixed.
Anyway, the 1.3 snapshot can be downloaded here:

Next: I'm a little behind on support email.

- Sam