Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Quick MaraDNS and Chortle font update

I am looking at the code that allocates and frees memory in MaraDNS' recursive cache. The code is a little complicated because there are three cases to account for:

  • A standard DNS query stored in the cache. (This is further divided in to CNAME and non-CNAME answers)
  • A NS reference stored in the cache.
  • A "This name does not exist" stored in the cache.

Each of these is stored in the cache slightly differently, and needs to be deallocated differently. To make things worse, I wasn't aware of all these permutations when I first wrote the cache, so things are a little messy in the code.

I still have to catch up on support email; as of yesterday, I had one unanswered email. I may have more today; I'm only on the internet for 30 minutes today to download some files for my class tomorrow, so I don't have time to check it.

I have done all 200+ glyphs for the 15-pixel size version of the Roman (non-bold and non-italic) font for Chortle. I am now working on the 15-pixel bold version, which is difficult, especially with the upper case letters with diagonal strokes, such as "A", "M", "N", "V", "W", "X", "Y", and "Z". The problem, especially with "M" and "W", is that, if I make the strokes two pixels wide, these letters look heavier than other letters. If I make some of the strokes one pixel wide, the letters look funny. So, I've been making all of the strokes two pixels wide; while the letters are darker than other letters, this seems to be the best solution.