Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MaraDNS update; Chortle 0.11 released

Well, the testing for the 20070226 snapshot of MaraDNS shows that, while the code does not crash anymore, it leaks memory like a seive. It's time for me to overhaul the relevant code that allocates and frees memory. I will work on this tonight.

I have released version 0.11 of my Chortle font today. The big change is that the vertical spacing is a little tighter and most accents are no longer clipped. Å is still slightly clipped at the top; since this is a letter I never use and one which I think is fairly rare, I will live with this, so that Chortle can have rougly the same vertical spacing as the Verdana font. The way Verdana handles Å is by moving the ring down so that it touches the top of the "A".

The other changes are that the version number has been corrected and updated in all .ttf files, and the "big bullet" character has been removed from the Unicode version of the font and a little more spacing has been put around this character.

I'm currently working on the bitmap versions of the Chortle font at various resolutions; it takes me two or three days to do all of Chortle's glyphs at a given resolution and font weight.