Monday, June 18, 2007

MaraDNS and MOAM-CD updates

    Well, it's finally possible to get my email address on my contact page again. It was not a trivial project; basically, when the hard disk crashed and we reinstalled the system, the PHP permissions were changed to not run a external programs. Hence, I had to take the encryption core for my email address, and convert the code from C to PHP. This took me about three hours to debug and implement. But, finally, the site is fully up again and I'm looking forward to getting people asking me inane questions already answered by the documentation, or reporting bugs that have long since been fixed.

    I also have a new snapshot of MaraDNS 1.3 that I made yesterday and have uploaded today. I have started some unit tests; basically, I have code that triggers the various known memory leaks, in order to verify that these memory leaks no logner exist. It can be downloaded here:
    MaraDNS 1.3 snapshots

    I will release 1.3.06 tomorrow and on Thursday.

    I have also released MOAM-CD 0.5 today. The changes from MOAM-CD 0.4 are:
    • The fonts have been updated to have boldface (attractive) and italics (unattractive but usable)
    • I have fixed the problems with the permissions with /tmp
    • I have added the editor nano
    • I have fixed curses applications so that they can run in X
    • I have changed the default home page in Firefox
    It is available here:
    moam-cd-0.5.tar.bz2 (18 meg file)