Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Safari for Windows ; MOAM-CD update

    I think Safari for Windows is a very good thing. Why? Because it is another nail in the "This site only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer" (or, likewise, the "This site is optimized for Netscape" 1990s web sites) coffin. There are people out there who may not use Firefox but will use Safari; as long as more people use web-standard compliant browsers instead of IE, the web wins because people write pages to the standards instead of making them render only on one browser.

    And, yes, I do remember the bad old days of 2002, when web sites I had to go to for my school did not work in anything besides IE.

    Two planned updates for the next version of MOAM-CD:
    • I will remove the NetBSD FTP client and replace it with the FTP client that (presumably) DeLi has. It seg faults whenever it tries to open up a connection to a remote FTP server.
    • I will add the Unichrome drivers, since motherboards that use this chipset are very common in Mexico, and the drivers are, sadly, not part of X proper.
    • I am getting a kernel panic when starting the IDE driver on one (AMD-64) system; I will make a special initrd with the IDE driver as a module to try and troubleshoot this.