Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New MaraDNS snapshot; Sandals font update

    I have release a new MaraDNS snapshot today. This snapshot hopefully solves the lingering RFC 1034 compliance issues with star records. I will post a more complete description of the patch on the MaraDNS mailing list. It is here:

    Last night, I wrote a gawk (not AWK, since it uses strtonum()) script that automatically makes boldface and italic versions of bdf fonts. It makes a bold font by taking the font, making each glyph one character wider, then or-ing each glyph with a version of the glyph shift one bit to the right. This works quite well. The italic script shifts the glyph one bit to the right above a user-specified height; the best height to do this shift depends on the font and the size of the font.

    I was able to make an attractive version of the italic face, and an attractive bold face with this fairly simple script. A snapshot, along with an updated italic face, is here: