Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Moam CD update

  • OK, I am a lot closer to getting a kernel that works as a DeLi Linux live CD boot CD. Essentially, all I need is DeLi's kernel with initrd enabled, for the CD auroprobing and loopback mounting. The reason why modules weren't working with DeLi Linux was because DeLi's kernel was compiled with versioning information for modules turned off and my kernel was compiled with this turned on. This made my kernel unable to load the modules from DeLi's kernel. So, I can now load DeLi's kernel modules. The problem now is that I can't load the cloop module, even though (as far as I can tell) I added the Zlib compression library to the kernel. It may be, that to include Zlib with the kernel, I have to have both zlib inflate and deflate enabled, not just inflate. I will deal with this tonight.

    The Linux kernel is the #1 pain in the ass to deal with when making a distribution.