Sunday, June 24, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot updates

    I have released two updated snapshots of MaraDNS today. One snapshot is the stable snap; this incorporates changes that will make it in to the release of MaraDNS that will happen (barring a critical security hole) in mid-August. The changes in this branch are:
    • Back port of memleak fix when bind_star_handling has a value of 2 plugged (2-line fix)
    • Backport of changes that make it so bind_star_handling with a value of 2 does the right thing
    • Bug in askmara that would cause askmara to be in an infinite loop when receiving certain kinds of invalid packets fixed (1-line fix).
    I am also making a snapshot for the beta test branch available today. The changes for this snapshot are:
    • askmara bug fixed
    • SQA regressions added: Askmara bug regression; DNS truncation regressions

    The MaraDNS stable snapshot and MaraDNS betatest snapshot are available on the MaraDNS webpage (click on the links in this sentence).