Friday, June 8, 2007

MOOF 0.4 released

    Today I release MaraDNS on one CD 0.4. While this version is not 100% bug free, it is a usable system that should, given a stock DeLi Linux system with all packages installed, will make a tiny live CD ISO image. Should one have Firefox for DeLi Linux installed, the scripts will add Firefox to the live CD. The live CD, which is about 35 megabytes/33 mebibytes in size, consists of:
    • Comple *nix scripting environment, courtesy of a modified Busybox 1.5.1 that compiles in DeLi
    • X11, complete with video card detection scripts
    • Dhcp client and network card auto-probing script
    • Playback of mp3 files with XMMS
    • Video games: Freecell (complete with difficulty levels), Minesweeper
    • C development environment for compiling (complete with make) basic non-gui C programs
    • DNS server: MaraDNS
    • Scripting languages: ash, awk, and sed (Again, from Busybox)
    • Text editor: vi (again, from Busybox)
    • Window manager: a slightly patched FVWM version 1
    • Firefox 1.5 web browser
    • Security: Built-in iptables firewall for protecting the system from port scans and other nonsense
    • Security: Firefox web browser runs as non-root user
    • NetBSD ftp client, that has up-arrow history and tab expansion
    • GNU wget, for getting files from remote web sites
    • Fast bootup: The system boots up in about 15 seconds, even on older computers

    The disadvantage is that there isn't any documentation for this system. So, I will supply some documentation here:
    • No need to log in. Just hit "enter" and you will get a root shell prompt
    • Since I forgot to do this, after you log in, type in chmod 1777 /tmp so that Firefox can download and save files
    • To configure X, type in /etc/Xsetup
    • To start X once configured, type in xinit
    • To autodetect the ethernet card, type in /etc/probe.ethernet
    • To get an IP address via DHCP, type in /etc/get.dhcp.ip. If you don't get an IP right away, you may have to try a few times
    • To auto-detect the sound card in your computer, type in /etc/probe.sound
    • Once you start X, to get a list of programs, left click anywhere where there isn't a window. RXVT is the terminal emulator; Firefox, of course, is the web browser; XMMS is the mp3 player; and Freecell is a solitaire card game

    On a standard "Hockey rink" business card CD, you can fit not only this complete Linux system, but also about 17 mebibytes of other data. I myself have used this extra spce to fit one song I like (Glyder by Jonn Serrie), my private SSH key (encrypted), a bzip2 compressed tarball of the Bible, and a number of English lessons.

    It is available for download here: (Warning: 18 meg tarball)