Monday, June 4, 2007

MOAM-CD and Sandals font updated

    I worked this weekend on the MOAM-CD project. I have finished the roman (non-bold, non-italic) version of the Sandals typeface at three different sizes: 12 point, 14 point, and 16 point. All three sizes are very readable, and allow me to have an attractive readable screen font on the MOAM-CD without having to abuse the non-copyrightable status of fonts in the US.

    Here is a copy of the fonts:

    I have also made an improvment to FVWM, where it can (somewhat) work around problems of laggy servers that don't always do "focus follows mouse". The hack is that there is code to make sure a window gets focus when it is automatically raised.

    In addition, a compressed cloop filesystem (as opposed to cramfs) is made when making the CD image. I have updated the initrd to use cloop instead of cramfs. I have not had a chance to test this yet, because DeLi doesn't have mkisofs. So I have gotten the mkisofs code and will set up MOAM to compile mkisofs so the CD image can be made.

    The compressed image, with Firefox, Freecell, and the drivers, but without the C development environment, is only about 28 megs in size. When I added C compiling to the old CentOS 3-based Live CD, the image became about 15 megs bigger. Since DeLi is leaner, and doesn't use glibc, I think it will be leaner. I am guessing a Business card CD image with C compiling support will be about 40 megs in size; enough extra space for extensive customizing.

    Anyway, I also need to get aumix, or another simple program to adjust /dev/mixer, to work in this system.

    Here is a copy of the current code that will soon be able to make a live CD: (13 meg tarfile)