Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deadwood 2.1.02 released: DNS-over-TCP now works

I have released Deadwood 2.1.02 today; this is Deadwood 2.1.01 with the small patch to get DNS-over-TCP to work again applied.

Deadwood 2.1 is the stable branch of Deadwood; for the time being, any significant bug fixes in the "developer snapshot" and 2.2 branch of Deadwood are backported for the 2.1 branch, so people can have a version of Deadwood without significant changes.

Since Deadwood is still in active development, I will probably only support Deadwood 2.1 for six months or so; I will expect people to update to 2.3 (slightly different build process; real service in Windows which will change how things are done there, etc.) fairly quickly.

It can be downloaded at