Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deadwood 2.3.01 released: Stable Deadwood release

I have released Deadwood 2.3.01 today. This is a stable release of Deadwood that will be maintained for the foreseeable future with bugfixes; it is a very good tiny forwarding/caching DNS server when one has access to other recursive DNS servers.

The biggest change, compared to Deadwood 2.1, is that the program is now a full-fledged Windows service. In addition, it's now possible, in CentOS 5, to compile the program without caching, which makes the binary a little smaller.

I did a number of tests with this code. I've added a couple of tests to make sure Deadwood can compile and run correctly when compiled without caching; in addition I have added a test to make sure there are no warnings when compiled with GCC 4.3. I also installed CentOS 5 64-bit and made sure it passed all of the tests (except the network TCP test, which I can't run in CentOS 5 because it's non-trivial to get my Intel 3945ABG wifi card to work).

The documentation included with the Windows binary has improved, and the program is now a single combined binary under 32k in size.

One minor issue with the Windows binary is that one can not see the DeadwoodTCP service logs until the service is stopped (the buffer is not flushed). The Deadwood (UDP) service will not flush logs unless it is idle for a second (so as to not waste time flushing buffers when heavily loaded).

Deadwood 2.3.01 can be downloaded on the Deadwood web page or on MaraDNS' download page. The Deadwood 2.1 branch will only be available and supported for three more months (it will be removed from the website on July 22, 2009), and is available here