Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deadwood snapshot: Memory leak plugged

I added a TCP query to the memory leak test, which caught a 3-byte memory leak in the code I added this weekend. I have plugged this leak and updated the code.

I have also added a "CODE HERE" comment to DwUdpSocket.c where I will add code to set up a TCP query upstream if we're using a TCP client and get a truncated reply.

Since this is thread-free code, I have the code set up to request TCP data to be sent or received, then have other code that actually sends and receives the TCP data. I need to add routines that will take the TCP request made in DwUdpSocket.c, send the data upstream (or keep if buffered if not sent), wait for a reply upstream, then send the upstream reply back to the client (again, using buffering because this is thread-free code).

The snapshot is at the usual place.