Friday, April 10, 2009

How I got Deadwood to work in Vista

I was able to get Deadwood to work in Vista this week. Here is what I did:
  • I renamed Deadwood.exe with the name install.exe
  • I installed Deadwood as a serivce by typing in install.exe --install
  • Vista's UAC thingy asked if it was OK for install.exe to run; I let it continue
  • I edited the dwood2rc.txt file as per an XP install of Deadwood
  • net start Deadwood doesn't work, so I had to start the service by going to the service control panel (another confirmation needed by UAC to open up this control panel) and starting the service there
Does anyone know of other ways to work around Vista's UAC tingy when installing a service, or of getting it so we can get the UAC to ask for confirmation without renaming the program?

Another possible workaround for Vista's UAC is to use an Admin command prompt, as described on this page