Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update: Marko Njezic has added TCP service support; Final ObHack release

Marko Njezic has contributed code to have it so Deadwood's TCP half is now a working Windows service. This has resulted in the syntax for installing and removing the Deadwood service from the command line changing. Instead of using Deadwood --install and Deadwood --remove, now Deadwood install all and Deadwood remove all is used. Instead of one service, Deadwood is now two services: Deadwood and DeadwoodTCP.

I have updated the INSTALL.txt file to reflect these changes. The reason for the two services is because the program that handles the occasional DNS-over-TCP packet is run separately from the main DNS-over-UDP service.

Before releasing Deadwood 2.2.02:
  • Have it so the DeadwoodTCP service can properly log things to a file named dwtcplog.txt
  • Have Deadwood's URL,, in the description of the Deadwood and DeadwoodTCP service that one sees on the list of services
  • Update the SQA regression to reflect the new server
  • Have the DNS-over-TCP test run first, since this is the most likely test we will need to update whenever the DNS server moves
This can be downloaded at

I have made a release of ObHack yesterday, ObHack 006b. This is ObHack 006a with the following last-minute bugfixes:
  • More of Mr. Chris' themes are in the "Doom 1 Mr. Chris" game
  • Default game is Doom2 again
  • I've finally fixed the long-standing issue with monsters and items on crates (Andrew's fix needed changes in two parts of the code and I only changed one part back in 2008)
This will probably be the final release of ObHack; there isn't that much interest in a random map generator for a 15-year-old game (albeit one with a number of source ports that give the game modern 3D support) and Andrew has already released a new rewrite of Oblige; ObHack was my modifications to his older 2007 Oblige release.

ObHack can be downloaded at