Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update: NOCACHE compile-time flag

I have released a new snapshot of Deadwood today; this snapshot implements the modular code which I have been planning for a while. To make this modular code as simple as possible, the only thing I have made modular is the ability to cache records with a new NOCACHE compile-time switch. With this switch, one can optionally compile without the cache code integrated.

This actually only saves about five kilobytes of code, but may be useful for really tiny embedded systems where caching is not needed.

I have also added tests for this new flag, and another test that makes sure we get no warnings in GCC 4.3 when compiled with -Wall enabled. I have verified that this snapshot of Deadwood passes all SQA regressions in CentOS 5.

Additionally, I have made the Windows-specific documentation part of the Deadwood source tree, and performed a spell-check and other updates with the documentation.

The only thing I will do before releasing Deadwood 2.3.01 is to make it easy to get the version number of Deadwood in the Windows compile, by both showing this info when Deadwood.exe is called without correct options, and in the logs for Deadwood's Windows service.

It can be downloaded at maradns.org/deadwood/snap