Sunday, April 26, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update: Now it's only a single Windows service

I have updated Deadwood's Windows code so that its service code now correctly reflects the fact that Deadwood is now a single combined UDP-and-TCP service. As it turns out, I did end up using some of Marko Njezic's code again, because he added code to have Deadwood.exe show the user how to install Deadwood as a service if they just invoke "Deadwood.exe" as a non-service.

I have updated the Windows documentation accordingly. In addition, I have updated the script make.version.h to handle the deadwood-Q-YYYYMMDD-N daily snapshots.

Next: Release a MaraDNS snapshot with Deadwood updated to 2.3.02

Then: Tighter TCP and UDP integration: Return results from the UDP cache for TCP queries (or add results to the UDP cache)

It can be downloaded at the usual place.