Friday, April 24, 2009

Deadwood 2.3.02 released: Documentation clean-up

As I was going through some of the Deadwood documentation the other day, I realized that the Windows documentation was, in some parts out of date, with information no longer true like Deadwood-over-TCP not being installable as a Windows service. So, the last couple of days, I have been going through the Deadwood documentation and updating it, especially the Windows documentation.

I have also noted the default value for all Deadwood parameters in the Deadwood man page (Deadwood reference).

This revised documentation should be more clear to read and follow, especially for Windows users.

I have also slightly rearranged the SQA tests (the "maxprocs" tests sometimes randomly fails in my CentOS 5 virtual machine, so it's now one of the first tests done), and added a comment in DwMararc.c pointing out the default values there are not always the default values used by Deadwood, with a pointer on how to find the real default values. The code is otherwise unchanged (except for the random prime updated and the version number bumped up).

This is a stable release of Deadwood, and will be supported for the foreseeable future.

Deadwood 2.3.02 can be downloaded at or at

My next project is to start work on adding TCP support to the UDP code, so we can have a combined UDP and TCP daemon. I should probably also remove that one passing reference to IPv6 in the Deadwood Windows reference (no IPv6 support in Windows).