Saturday, April 18, 2009

ObHack 006a released: Real secrets; Mr. Chris contributions; Switches setting

I have released ObHack 006a today; I plan on having this be my last ObHack release for the foreseeable future, since Oblige III is already out and it will take me a while to adjust to Oblige III.

There are a lot of changes compared to the last ObHack release:
  • ObHack now has real secrets; you'll have to pay attention to find the secret areas
  • Every level now has at least one secret
  • New option: "Switches"; this allows you to have all puzzles be key puzzles, switch puzzles, or a mixture of both
  • New game type: "Doom 1 Mr. Chris"; this is a version of Doom1 with some of Mr. Chris' changes applied to it
  • RNG seeds can be up to 20 letters long now
It can be downloaded at