Monday, April 20, 2009

Deadwood 2.2.02 released: DNS-over-TCP is now a Windows service

I have released Deadwood 2.2.02 today. This is a testing release; while reasonable effort has been made to ensure this program does not have bugs, the emphasis with this release is to add new features and this is not a "bugfix only" branch of Deadwood.

Deadwood is a non-recursive DNS cache for CentOS 5 and Microsoft Windows XP (which can also run in Windows Vista, but since there is no UAC manifest, the file has to be run using a shell prompt with Admin rights).

This code integrates code contributed by Marko Njezic to make it so both DNS-over-UDP and DNS-over-TCP are supported as a Windows service by Deadwood. I have updated the documentation to reflect this, and have added the CentOS Linux manual slightly adapted for the Windows version of Deadwood to the Deadwood Windows zip file.

The binary is under 32k, but has full support as a native Windows service for DNS-over-UDP and DNS-over-TCP. DNS-over-UDP has full cache support, and the DNS-over-TCP client can (in theory) be used as a general-purpose TCP load balancer.

It can be downloaded, both as source code and as a Windows binary, at (the .zip file is the Windows binary; the .tar.bz2 file is the source code)

  • Have the documentation in the Windows binary zip file made part of the main source tree.
  • Spellcheck all documentation; there is the occassional misspelled word
  • Add pointer to dw_cache in Windows binary zip file example dwood2rc file
  • Make code more modular: Make it possible to compile the code without support for caching
  • Release Deadwood 2.3.01