Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Deadwood snapshot update

In today's Deadwood snapshot, I have decided to remove all Linux support and have Deadwood be a Windows-only binary. I realized that I wasn't making what I was worth giving away my hard work, and Deadwood from now on will be a shareware application; Windows users are free to use it but will get a nag screen every time they boot their system until they register their copy of Deadwood. This will hopefully result in me earning enough money to return to the United States with my girlfriend and marrying her in the states.

Happy April Fool's day everyone.

Deadwood, for now, is still an open-source (BSD licensed) application and still compiles and runs just fine in Linux (well, CentOS 5.3; I don't test it in other versions of Linux and your mileage may vary). However, I have slightly improved its Windows support today by cleaning up the logging a little, and by removing a couple of compile-time warnings one sees while compiling Deadwood in Windows (it has no compile-time warnings in Linux).

Today's snapshot can be downloaded at the usual place